I am the only Gay in Rut’theran Village, and that’s that!

January 27, 2006

I wasn’t originally going to post this since I didn’t know if it was a story or not. Well, since it made it to slashdot. I suppose somebody thinks it is. A gay/gay-friendly guild was given a warning about advertising in general chat under the Sexual Orientation Harassment policy. The GMs involved argued that because the phrase “LGBT” might incite a hostile response, it was inappropriate for general chat. Other GMs have defended the warning, saying that “sexual orientation has no place in the game’s ‘High Fantasy’ Setting.” (Yeah? Tell that to that guy stroking his Dwarven Hand Cannon.)

Personally, I’m of two minds on the subject; I think it’s misguided to disallow positive descriptions of LGBT people just because your GMs don’t want to deal with a homophobic response. Hello, welcome to our world; I suppose I should be reporting every “oh, that’s gay” and “don’t group with that fag” comment I overhear on channel 1, but I’d rather be playing the game than policing their TOS. Besides, I think everyone involved knows that a gay MMO guild will get some harassment. A gay anything in this country will get some harassment. The only way to get the harassment to stop is to confront it, right?

At the same time, this is Blizzard’s ball we’re playing with, and they have every legal right to go home with it. They have to cover their ass in the TOS, or else lawsuits would shut down Ironforge even faster than bad lag. Should we really expect a game company to push for anything more than better gameplay and greater profits? (The guild leader mentioned that Lambda Legal contacted her, and is checking if this policy violates California state law; Blizzard reps—who have finally stopped deleting forum posts about the controversy—say they are preparing a response as well, so expect at least a little more on the story.)

More fundamentally, though, I have a hard time supporting anyone spamming general chat with their guild promotional message. My ignore list is getting too full as it is. With that said, if I knew there was a gay guild on my main server, I’d probably drop my guild and join in a minute. Especially the one named “Fruits of Elune.” How can I resist a name like that?

And if guilds don’t advertise in game, where can they advertise? This might be a cue for someone to make an announcement of some kind, if he’s ready to do so.


Hayseed invasion

January 23, 2006

From the wish-I-had-thought-of-that department comes a bunch of Horde players dressing up in farmer (agrarian, not gold) gear and raiding Redridge. Gives me some ideas myself, and it’s for these sorts of reasons that I like buying/finding obscure tailoring patterns. While not World of Warcraft-related, also worth noting is the Desperate Housewife from City of Villains.

(first link via Wonderland)


January 13, 2006

Intent, originally uploaded by Jason.

…As long as we’re clear on that.

Way to Blow the Mystery, Blizzard

January 9, 2006

One of the additions in the latest patch is a “Tip” on the loading screen while your game session begins. Up until this weekend I’d seen nothing particularly revelatory, though the tip to use Shift-B to open all your bags at once was a useful one. This weekend, though, I logged in and read:

TIP: There is no secret cow level.

Sniffle…Sob… Next you’re going to tell me that there that is no Greatfather Winter, either….

Well, at least some small part of the legend lives on.

Lowbrow humor

January 9, 2006

Lowbrow humor, originally uploaded by Jason.


The Lightheaded New Years Effect

January 3, 2006

More along the lines of holiday goodies that have uses outside the obvious, it turned out that the free beer for New Year’s gave you an effect called Lightheaded. For 30 seconds you got to enjoy the effects of Levitation. I didn’t do anything with it other than bridge-jumping (click the thumbnail for my first foray into screen recording), but I could see how useful it could be to get a running start while escaping fights near cliffs. Don’t like how things are going? Jump off and down a brew. Happy new year!


January 3, 2006

Yeah, Jason, you’re quite the carebear. Now for the facts… snowballs and snowman costumes ROCK for PvP. Here’s why…

The snowball is an instant cast, no-mana, spell interrupt. Yeah, try it out. I’ve successfully stopped a Priest from flash-healing his mates while my people got in the reinforcements. Reagents are cheap, casting time is zero and can be used when silenced, distance is 30 ft, which means I can stay out of the Priest’s mindflay, and there’s no known resistance gear against it.

Snowmen are the perfect fall damage mitigation trinket. Jump down the lethal drop in AB, at the middle of the fall insta-cast snowman, release snowman and fall the rest. Voila, no damage.

Carebear? Maybe. But more than anything, Blizzard continues to give the ingenious new ways of beating the dumb. Thanks, Grand-father Winter.

Cem-“I slaughtered Merzen”-etor